10 golden tips for healthy weight loss without hungers

healthy weight loss

Healthy weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight are two of the easiest things to do – if you know how to go about it and have the right information and guidance. Unfortunately, most people have neither. They work with trainers who themselves have problems with the yo-yo effect and unhealthy diet, and do not understand the processes that occur in the body when certain types of food are consumed. For this reason, people who want to lose weight have mistaken beliefs about which foods are healthy for them and which are harmful. They faithfully follow a weight loss menu that contains chicken or eggs and avoids fruit and rice in a bow. Because they don’t understand what their body needs, they wonder why they are constantly hungry and why they can’t achieve the body and health they want. Today I’m going to share with you 10 golden rules that I use when working with my clients and when creating a weight loss menu. With the help of these rules, we can easily achieve healthy weight loss, and we also have some additional benefits compared to other nutrition consultants.

healthy weight loss

  1. Our customers save money when it comes to healthy weight loss, as the food we recommend is very affordable and filling Exaggerated additional exercise, apart from vigorous walking and swimming, is basically not necessary for healthy weight loss, because with the right food, the body just sheds excess fat tissue. Even when it comes to healthy weight loss, customers can eat an unlimited amount of food and be full and satisfied throughout the process. Meals are tasty and nutritious, so they do not give up on gourmet pleasures.
  2. The diet is very easy to follow, as you can eat whenever you want and in any portion size. You can thus adapt the food to your habits and routines and not the other way around, but healthy weight loss is not an issue after all. In our nutritional counseling, we teach you to create your own weight loss menu. When you stop working with us after a few months, you will never need our help for healthy weight loss. You can easily make your own decisions about nutrition, because you know exactly which decisions will lead you to success and which ones to ruin. So let’s see what are the most effective tips for healthy weight loss that my clients get.

ADVICE FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS NO. 1: Eat food that has grown somewhere

Many people eat prepackaged or prepared foods that consist of several ingredients. The problem with such foods is that they contain artificially concentrated nutrients that you may not need in such a large amount, but they are in the food because the manufacturers use them to extend the shelf life or “enhance” the taste to make it more addictive. These ingredients include sugar, oil and salt, as well as other flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners.  Your body was made for food that grew somewhere: on a tree, a bush, in the ground. All the organs of your body are made to be very capable of processing food in its original package (full of fiber) and a good weight loss menu will take this into account.

If we remove certain ingredients, which nature has given to food for a reason, due to our ignorance, the processes in the body break down, the hormonal and insulin response is different, and year after year our body begins to function worse and worse. Think of the domino effect when we knock one down, eventually others fall. Most nutritionists and  weight loss experts will teach you to read the declarations correctly, but we teach you how to grow/buy/prepare food that does not have a declaration at all, and with this we achieve excellent health results very quickly without unnecessary complications, and weight loss comes as a bonus. Attention: the category of processed food also includes the otherwise fairly natural oil. The trees/bushes don’t grow bottles of oil, but rather fruits or nuts, which have a different composition than this concentrated liquid, so my customers don’t even buy that.

ADVICE FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS NO. 2: drink water for thirst, not alcohol and sugary drinks, milk (of any kind – vegetable or cow)

Any good weight loss menu will first cut out alcohol and sugary drinks, as these are true calorie bombs, but they do not affect your satiety level very much. If you want to quench your thirst, treat yourself to water or watery fruits that also fill you up at the same time (grapes, watermelon, etc.), but never rely on alcoholic beverages or juices to quench your thirst. With them, you introduce high concentrations of calories into the body, completely without fibers, which would bind water in your body and create a heavy lump, which would signal your satiety to the brain. In addition, sugary drinks also have a negative effect on your blood sugar due to the lack of fiber. They increase your sugar quickly, so the body has to use a lot of insulin (the hormone that transports sugar to the cells) to try to use all that sugar. Precisely because these calories are consumed so easily and quickly, the body cannot properly adjust its insulin response, so it produces more insulin than it needs.

If you drink milk, the accumulation of excess calories is all the more obvious, because in addition to sugars, it also contains more or less fat. Fats are very easily converted into fat stores in the body, so avoid drinking such drinks if you want successful healthy weight loss. You can use them in small amounts to enhance the flavors in food, but that’s about it. If you cook oatmeal, do it with water, and then (if you have to) add just a little plant-based milk (no added oils) for flavor. Put away the beer, wine, martinis, and thick juice, and grab a water or a juicy piece of watermelon.

ADVICE FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS NO. 3: Only have healthy foods at home, no cookies/chips, etc.

In the kitchen of my clients, fruit is the king. They stock 1-2 kg of fruit per day on their counters. In their cupboards/pantries, they have oatmeal, whole-wheat pasta, whole grains, potatoes, and in their refrigerators a lot of vegetables, as well as various spices and additives with which they can enhance the flavors of food (nuts, seeds, yeast flakes, etc.). I always repeat to them that the same recipe is important for successful and healthy weight loss as for successful alcohol abstinence If they indulge in some sin, at least they should not take it home. A good menu for weight loss does not help you very much if you have things at home that this menu does not include. The brain follows your weight loss menu for a while, but then very quickly reaches for the contents of your “sweet” or “savory” drawers.

Our brains are designed in such a way that we are always drawn to the most calorically dense food that we have at home. You can  hear more about this mechanism in my video about the pleasure trap . Especially when we are under stress, haven’t slept well or are a little nervous, this food is particularly attractive and if we don’t have it at home, we are much better protected from temptation.

ADVICE FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS NO. 4: Avoid the ritual consumption of bread

Bread is one of the foods that I seriously advise against for those clients who want the fastest results. I don’t like to include it in my diet for weight loss, because it is as calorically dense as some types of meat or milk and does not contain much water.

For healthy weight loss, the best foods are those that have few calories per unit of body weight and are full of water (fruits, vegetables, tubers, cooked cereals). Not only does a lot of water evaporate when bread is baked, in addition, bread is also a partially fermented food, which means that the bacteria have already partially “eaten” it, and baking in the oven has already done one “digestive process”. Our brain therefore perceives bread as a real calorie bomb, which the intestines will not have to deal with much. And everything that is too easy for the body is very attractive to us because of the aforementioned pleasure trap.

What a bad luck, right?

Food that smells so crazy to us can overburden us in large quantities and we can quickly take in too many calories with it. In addition to all the aforementioned problems, modern bread has another one. Fats are often added to it, which further increase its caloric density, which is why it is almost impossible to lose weight with it. Regarding bread, I recommend that you do not have it on your daily menu, if you are going to indulge in it, take it as your grandmother would have baked it (only water and flour) and eat only a piece or two a week, and other foods should be the basis

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