20 tips for living relationship together

relationship together

The first step to plant a tree is to choose a pleasant place and to know if the soil is fertile. In addition, it will need to be watered daily and pruned from time to time so that the branches grow stronger. If we compare it with our relationships (marriage, friendship, family) we will realize that the type of work is the same. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship is, if it goes a few days without water it will dry up and die. How many friends do we lose throughout our lives, simply because we don’t have time? The relationship for two is a daily job, regardless of the rains and thunderstorms of everyday life, it is necessary to be aware that a relationship needs to be cultivated. In dating, the two people do not live together on a daily basis and many couples for work and study only see each other on weekends, where they normally go for a walk and have fun. In addition, they are more concerned with appearance and because they see each other relatively little, when they are together they are well groomed, making the initial interest and “excitement” remain.

relationship together

After marriage, there is an accumulation of functions (work, studies, home and children) and consequently, living together becomes a routine that for many becomes unbearable, causing the end of the marriage. It is true that when we get married, nobody gives us a handout saying what is right or wrong, but that is not an excuse and the use of common sense becomes essential. Let’s use our workplace as an example, where every day in the morning we say “good morning” (even if that is not our wish), we politely answer the phone and listen attentively to our superiors, without interrupting them, of course. In addition to being clean and dressed properly, we need to be motivated and with proposals for improvement. So why when we get home don’t we even make half of that effort? Because we’re tired or because it’s not worth it? The subject is extensive and there is no rule, each couple is unique in their problems and qualities. What may exist are some tips to help in a good relationship

Tips for a good relationship

  1. Respect must be the basis of the relationship, the use of profanity and name-calling will only serve to hurt the other person; Create healthy habits of saying good morning, good night, how are you?, how was your day?; Try to have meals together and take the opportunity to talk, even better if you are away from the television; Kisses, hugs, holding hands and any kind of physical contact are important for the relationship and not just during sex; Do not confuse the intimacy of the relationship with an excess of information, such as using the bathroom with the door open, passing gas in front of the other person, burping, etc. Over time, sexual interest decreases; Hygiene habits are essential for the couple’s sex life; Take care of your appearance, the transformation that men and women make after separation is unbelievable, why is it not possible to do it before it happens? When the relationship “cools down” look for alternatives, one option is a visit to a sexy shop; Have a sense of humor; Don’t let the relationship fall into a routine, take advantage of collective buying sites that offer cheap theater, restaurant and travel options; Accept the fact that you don’t have the same opinions and therefore conflicts will exist; Have friends; Married does not mean stuck together, having activities outside of marriage; Gifts and kindnesses do not need to be dated; Make plans; Know each other’s needs; Acknowledge mistakes and apologize; Set aside time just for the two of you; Respect each other’s family and friends; Talk about what bothers you and don’t let heartache build up.

As I said, these are just some of the options for tips for living together as a couple. Each couple must find their balance, and this can only be achieved through dialogue and respect. In the most worrying cases, seek help from a professional.

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