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10 tips for building healthy relationships

Healthy relationships between friends, school or work colleagues, family or partner are based on support, good communication, trust, honesty, equality and mutual respect. Feeling an emotional, physical, intellectual and sentimental connection with someone is wonderful, however, forming a couple and building a good relationship requires a lot of work on the part of both ; in a healthy […]

A Guide to Recovering from the Trauma of a Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship is not always easy to identify or bear. Thinking about it, we wrote this text for you. Who never heard that relationships require work hard and that disagreements are part of it? However, this thought is quite superficial and is capable of masking a toxic relationship , emotionally abusive and really a source of suffering. If at […]

What are the pillars of a healthy relationship?

A relationship, whether monogamous or polyamorous , should be peaceful, overflowing with affection, affection and respect. After all, when we talk about a loving union, we also talk about complicity and partnership. But how to maintain a healthy relationship? To answer this question, Tips for Women talked to psychologist Rafaela Rocha Marfa Freitas , who works clinically with relationships and couples […]

20 tips for living relationship together

The first step to plant a tree is to choose a pleasant place and to know if the soil is fertile. In addition, it will need to be watered daily and pruned from time to time so that the branches grow stronger. If we compare it with our relationships (marriage, friendship, family) we will realize […]

10 Rules for the couple’s coexistence! And much love above all

First of all, know that a perfect marriage does not exist, just as there is no manual on how a couple’s life should be ! Sometimes life imposes situations in which feelings and emotions mix, and what was simple becomes complicated. A couple’s relationship will always have ups and downs, this is absolutely normal. What matters is that they try […]

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