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Windows 11 Features Interface & updates

Windows 11 Features Interface & updates. We explain what Windows 11 is and the new tools that this version incorporated. Also, its features and updates. windows 12 64 bit download is called the latest version produced by Microsoft of its operating system for ‘Windows computer systems. This new program was released on July 29 of the […]

Windows 12 Iso Installation – Step by Step Guidance

Installing a new operating system can be daunting for even the most tech-savvy user. With Windows 12 now available, it’s time to upgrade and get up to speed with all the great features this OS has to offer. This step-by-step guide will make the installation process easier, so you can start enjoying the benefits of […]

10 Lesser Known Windows 10 Features

Over the past three years, Microsoft has added hundreds of new features through Windows 10 feature updates. Most PC users are unaware of some of the best features that have been introduced through feature updates. In this article, we will discuss ten lesser-known features of Windows 10. In no particular order, here are ten lesser-known […]

Windows 12: everything we know about this new operating system

Microsoft is changing its release schedule for new versions of its operating system. This modification would make the evolution of Windows 11, released just in October 2021, arrive earlier than planned since there would be a waiting cycle of only three years with the next iteration. With this change in the program, Windows 12, as it is […]

Windows 12 release date, price and all the information

We bring you an article so that you can have all the information about Windows 12, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system today. This is a new evolutionary step for Windows, in which the complete change of its visual aspect stands out with many improvements and novelties, but it also has many other additions that are worth […]

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