Healthy eating: advantages and benefits

healthy eating advantages

Our diet is very important. It is mandatory to eat healthy food, not only for good health, but also have enough energy throughout the days . However, that there are more reasons to have a healthy diet plans, such as stopping the premature aging or having a more fulfilling life . In addition, for good food and nutrition is vital since babies start with complex feeding. Healthy children’s food helps that to grow and developed properly, avoiding many diseases.

healthy eating advantages

How to eat a healthy and balanced diet?

To eat a healthy and balanced diet, it is important that our meals contain the necessary nutrients and in the right amounts. Only in that way would a person have all of their needs to covered and would not have deficiencies. You will achieve a healthy diet if you follow the following tips:

  • Take all kinds of food . No single food contains all types of nutrients, so it is important to eat foods from all groups. You might have to eat the fruits, and vegetables, cereals, dairy products, legumes, meat, fish. In the event that you are a vegetarian, for example, if you do not eat meat or fish, you can change those foods for others that contain vegetable proteins , such as legumes. If you can’t eat dairy, or you don’t like it, there are other foods that contain calcium, such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, salmon, sardines.
  • The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the better . Eat foods of animal origin in moderation. The Mediterranean diet is perfect as an example of healthy eating. In it, priority is given to fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, vegetables, fish and olive oil. Meat is consumed less.
  • Junk food is not included in healthy eating habits . Try to eliminate or reduce as much as possible industrial pastries, sausages, snacks and fast food in general.
  • Eat in moderation . When we may eat we look for the energy and contribution that our body have needs to do function correctly. It is not necessary to eat more than we need, and, in addition, it can be a problem, since it would bring overweight. With obesity come diseases such as the diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, or apart from that even some types of cancer.
  • Eat five meals a day . This way you may will avoid the arriving too hungry at the lunchtime and taking excessive amounts.
  • Don’t forget the water .

What are the healthiest foods for children?
Perhaps now you have the question about which are the healthiest foods for children. Every day they try to sell us special foods for children, which they claim to include a large amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they say are important to them. However, the foods they try to sell us are full of sugars, and not only not necessary for children, but not even suitable for them. Children, like the adults, need to follow the balanced and a varied diet that all are includes all food groups, so that their needs are covered with it. They need to take vitamins and  minerals, or proteins, carbohydrates and (good) fats .

It is important that certain foods are not given before one year of age, such as honey (due to the risk of botulism), large amounts of spinach and green leafy vegetables and large fish (due to the concentration of mercury), undercooked the meat, fish and more eggs, low-fat foods like in fat or skimmed milk, whole milk or its derivatives (up to one year they should only drink breast milk or formula), salt (causes liver problems) and the sugar. In addition with this, it is very important to do careful with foods with the risk of choking, such as whole fiber nuts (they can be eaten from the age of six months, ground or crushed), grapes or around foods that must be cut into four pieces lengthwise, sausages They should not to be cut into slices, but lengthwise also took as well, as they could get trapped in the trachea. After the one year, they can practically more eat the same as adults, delaying sugar and foods that having with no nutritional value as it much as possible.  The well-known growth milks are not necessary, as some have sugars. In addition with, a healthy child who followed a varied diet does not need dairy products fortified with vitamins and minerals, which he already gets at every meal.

Benefits of a healthy diet
Following a healthy diet has many benefits, among which the following stand out: obtaining energy, protecting the heart, improving the brain, reducing stress, strengthening bones, improving the immune system, helping to maintain blood pressure.

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