The best food for beautiful and healthy hair

Scalp care needs to be transferred from the bathroom to the kitchen as well. We present to you a diet that will help you improve the appearance of your scalp and help reduce hair loss. A healthy scalp and beautiful hair must be approached comprehensively: the use of high-quality hair products is complemented by a healthy […]

Samsung The Internet of Things is now aligned with real life

Samsung Electronics showcased the latest innovations in IoT components, devices and platforms at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, proving once again why it is a leader in IoT development. Won-Pyo Hong, president and head of solution development at Samsung Electronics, used the presentation at the fair to review developments in the Internet of Things over […]

What does cloud computing with Microsoft Azure bring?

Cloud computing or “cloud” is used by more and more companies due to advantages such as: state-of-the-art software and hardware, highest cyber security, more efficient use of resources – sustainability, pay-as-you-go, innovation – AI, IoT, ML. What is a cloud? If you were to ask different people what cloud computing is or “cloud”, you would get […]

The social implications of artificial intelligence

At the very beginning of this course, we briefly talked about the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s society and the society of the future, but we could not discuss it in detail at that time, since we had not yet presented enough technical concepts and methods to base the discussion on concrete concepts. Now […]

HP Pavilion Gaming 15, with AMD Ryzen processor

There are more and more users looking for a gaming laptop to enjoy their favorite games. The advantages of this type of device are clear: the possibility of being able to take your computer wherever you want comfortably is a detail to take into account. And for this reason HP has different ranges for this market. We […]

How long do Alienware laptops last?

When shopping for gaming laptops , the first thing many people check is the brand. If you’re looking for a new gaming laptop, you’re probably thinking about buying an Alienware, Dell’s subsidiary dedicated to creating premium gaming devices. In addition to being related to the tech giant Dell, Alienware laptops are packed with cutting-edge technology that is […]

10 Rules for the couple’s coexistence! And much love above all

First of all, know that a perfect marriage does not exist, just as there is no manual on how a couple’s life should be ! Sometimes life imposes situations in which feelings and emotions mix, and what was simple becomes complicated. A couple’s relationship will always have ups and downs, this is absolutely normal. What matters is that they try […]

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