What does cloud computing with Microsoft Azure bring?

cloud computing

Cloud computing or “cloud” is used by more and more companies due to advantages such as: state-of-the-art software and hardware, highest cyber security, more efficient use of resources – sustainability, pay-as-you-go, innovation – AI, IoT, ML.

cloud computing

What is a cloud?

If you were to ask different people what cloud computing is or “cloud”, you would get just as many different answers. Everyone has heard of it, more and more companies are using it, but what is the true definition of the cloud. The vast majority have something abstract, invisible or intangible in mind. But in reality, the cloud is a type of computing where customers use the cloud to manage data and applications using the Internet. Perhaps more vividly, the cloud is a utility that more and more companies are taking advantage of. Just as different companies provide services to their customers, the cloud offers secure, reliable and scalable computing from a shared data center that you simply plug into.

Disadvantages of local servers

Traditional computing with local servers is costly and often limiting. It is necessary to pay for hardware and software, renew licenses, pay electricity costs and a suitable protected space. The staff needs the latest knowledge for maintenance and adequate protection or cyber security. Often, companies then use only part of the resources for which they paid a lot. Imagine losing all your data due to a fire. Surely you have a recovery and backup plan, right? One of the studies showed that only 54% of organizations have a recovery plan . Many rely solely on the assumption that ” it can’t happen to us “. Responsible companies do not wait for the moment when something can go wrong, but are adequately prepared for it. In the worst possible way, companies in Ukraine who were forced to migrate to the cloud also realized this.

Cyber ​​attacks are one of the fastest growing forms of crime, having grown by as much as 300%, of which more than 50% are aimed at small and medium-sized businesses . Extortionists perform them anywhere, anytime, and on anyone. They can attack you too! Defense requires an agile security strategy with continuous updating of security solutions and knowledge. Not all companies are excited about moving their business to the cloud. Certainly, not all companies want to have all their data only in the cloud and want to keep some of it on their own servers. That’s why Microsoft Azure offers easy and efficient hybrid infrastructure management .

Advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing allows companies to adapt faster and optimize costs, as they only pay for the resources they use. It makes it possible to effectively adapt to the growth of the company by creating applications and services on the fly, testing new ideas and functions with limited risk and minimal costs. This is the power of the cloud or of cloud computing. They’re still servers, but they’re staffed by top cybersecurity, software, and hardware experts. Your company can focus more on innovation and creating new business opportunities.

Looking for a sustainable solution?

Cloud computing is also a sustainable solution. With technological progress, humanity is faced with alarming challenges, one of which is the issue of sustainability. Moving to the cloud means more efficient use of resources. It reduces infrastructure and energy costs as cloud applications require fewer resources – hardware or storage. According to market research company IDC, the transition to cloud computing is expected to prevent at least 629 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere between 2021 and 2024 . Cloud service providers are not only using more efficient tools, but are also taking proactive steps to stop climate-damaging practices and committing to using 100% renewable electricity.

Microsoft Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure is a global cloud platform used worldwide. With state-of-the -art cyber security , software and hardware , your data is often much better protected than e.g. on local servers. Azure meets the highest security and compliance requirements through solutions like Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and Confidential Computing—solutions that are constantly updated as 6.5 trillion threats are analyzed daily. Microsoft invests $1 billion annually in security improvements. Microsoft Azure is one of the main platforms for cloud computing, which ensures the highest data security, reliable operation and efficient management. It supports many programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices, which has allowed them to become one of the leaders in the market. It is used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies .

Thinking about the cloud, about Microsoft Azure?

Cloud computing changes the way of work, as it accelerates the implementation of solutions, and applications work with the highest security. Just as the power of water and steam fueled the first industrial revolution, the cloud is accelerating the fourth. Computing, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT) are pushing us further and further. The question is, how will you take advantage of it? A successful transition to the cloud is based on an appropriate strategy . The most reliable, efficient and easy way involves working with a cloud technology specialist. Such cooperation ensures a successful migration to the cloud and protects you from security issues, data loss or system crashes. Another important factor of a successful migration is a trustworthy partner with knowledge and experience . Crayon has been a Microsoft partner for many years and has the Azure Expert MSP status , which only partners with in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Azure platform have . Rich experience and expertise ensure a seamless migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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